Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Back to Work

The pattern said "Take a break." So I finished a couple of hats.

On the left, almost the last of the Bernat Ragg in green with the last of the Cervinia Sorrento in jungle green. It's just a basic 80 stitcher (except, I think I cast on 84, but you know the pattern by now).

The red and gray is definitely 80 stitches, with a 6 stitch motif (3 gray, 3 red, repeat). Because 6 isn't an even "guzinta" (goes into), the pattern shifts and forms low diagonals rather than columns. Pretty cool, huh? The stranding makes it double thickness, too.

After our break, Coach Penny and I cast on the first sleeve.

We're about halfway to the patterning at the top (4.5 of 9 inches) with "lice" (yeh, just like it sounds, without the itch factor) every fourth round to keep it interesting.

There's a 5th pattern chart that had me really confused until I discovered that it's for the matching earflap cap. How sweet is that? Yep, there's gonna be a cap! Because one of the fair categories is 2-piece child's set, sweater and cap.

Yepper, there's gonna be a cap! (Besides the two that are currently OTN.)

And there's good news on the work front. The software is loaded, running, and the worker bees are buzzing. There's a week's worth of orders to catch up and they are making great headway!

And a strange occurance: a request from the USDA for a photo of our loading dock. Say, what? They've been delivering to us for nearly 3 years and now, they want to be sure we have a loading dock?? (We have 3 plus one that's van-height and one that's ramped.) Does Homeland Insecurity know??
Love your hats! Thanks for the inspiration and tips on the two color pattern.
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