Friday, February 10, 2006

and Go!

The photos for the next day or two will be boring, I fear.

I have already challenged myself twice today, first with the cable cast on. I thought I knew how to. Then I discovered I didn't.

Ninety minutes later (45 of them in the passenger seat of a moving car--can you say Dramamine needed?) I had 149 stitches neatly cast on.

Next up, a new buttonhole technique.

Hello! Where have you been all my knitting life? Neat-looking, snug, non stretchy. I am in love!

In another quarter-inch, I will slip the button band stitches to holders, cast on the steek stitches, join the first cc (the sunflower gold), and start knitting in the round.

The coaches have been unenthused about my progress.

Just wait! It's supposed to snow all weekend. I'll make lovely progress. That'll show 'em!

And I found 4 perfect buttons in my stash. That's the good news. The bad? I need 5 or 7. Poop!

You may not buy more buttons.
You're going to let rabbitch run your life?

Post the new buttonhole technique when you get time though, please? I could use one that works better than the one I default too.
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