Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Agony of Defeat? Not a Chance!

I've stopped checking the countdown clock over on the Harlot's blog. It's just too scary!

Last night and tonight, I knitted the front bands (one button, one buttonhole) and then I picked up the neckband stitches.

See the cute little clippy things? They are little tiny "pinches" for hair. I got 24 of them (in 12 different colors) for a buck at the Tree.

They work great for holding the front band to the front so that I can check length and such. I'm not sure how useful they'll be when the time comes to mattress stitch band to front, though.

These size 3s, however, are really doing a number on my hands!

Oh, and my little silver buttons were mailed today. Go on, admit you knew I'd buy buttons!

My coach? What coach? Fickle little queen--she's in the other room getting brushed.
It's looking good Anne, just ice your fingers, so you can get though this labor of love. I started and almost finished a hat for ship support, and had to ice my shoulder and fingers many times, it works well and when I finish I will rest a day from knitting and then start another hat. I'm bappy to do it and have yarn that is just waiting for this. Rita
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