Monday, January 02, 2006

The Yellow Ticket

I started the knitting new year working with a color I love and patterns I enjoy? Does it get any better than this?

Both of these WIPs are sweaters in a size to fit a 6-month old and both will wind up at the WIC Center/Clinic in Eagle Butte, SD, when they are finished.

On the left is Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise sweater (pattern available from Schoolhouse Press in all sorts of configurations, single pattern, book, and I think, video). The yarn is Red Heart Sport Weight (kind of a goldenrod color). I plan to add contrasting stripes in purple and green of some Phentex Sport leftovers. Can you say Mardi Gras?

Neither yarn is a favorite of mine (far from it) but they are both easy-care, necessary when you don't know the recipient, I think. This sweater is an engineering marvel (I'll be posting pictures as I go along). All the shaping is done with increases and decreases. The only seams are, no, wait, why spoil the surprise?

On the right is Cottage Creations' newest pattern, Lillie's Little Sweater. CC is another favorite pattern shop. I've made many, many of theirs, multiple times, including the Wonderful Wallaby, Rambling Rows (both afghan and jacket), Babies and Bears sweater, Mighty Mitts, and any number of items from each of the three "knitting for the community" booklets. CC does not have a website, but if you are interested in patterns and your local yarn shop (LYS) doesn't have them (and won't get them), you can contact the owner/designer, Carol Anderson via e-mail ( for information.

I'm using the ABM Fluffy that I used for the cabled baby blankie (finished last month) so that blankie and sweater can be the foundations of a "layette."

The real kick off to the year, though, was at a fabulous brunch at the home of friends who live in New Jersey. It may come as a shock to my regular readers that I am Not.A.Party.Animal. Driving 90 minutes to meet new people=not my idea of a good time. But I had a Great Time. And so did the Other Half (aka Even Less of a Party Animal Than I).

The year is young. Press On!

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