Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Uniform and Other Ravings

Every competitive athlete needs a uniform, and this knitlete is no exception. I scoured my wardrobe (including the out of season bins under the bed) for something appropriate.

Finding nothing (appropriate), I threw together this very knitterly outfit.

It has 1) sheep, 2) a little flag designating thatI am a member of Team USA, Steek Division, and 3) great comfort.

It's also washable, so that if I sweat, I won't stink. (I don't plan to sweat, but 16 days in the same outfit is bound to take its toll.)

All I need is a hat.

Not in the slightest knitterly: I know that you will allow me a small rant. I just got off the phone with a fundraising person from my political-party-of-choice. During the last presidential campaign, the Other Half received a mailing from The Party, asking for Money.

Let me go on record here. We contribute to a number of Worthy Causes. I write the checks. If The Worthy Causes depended on The Other Half for check-writing, they would still be waiting. Forever. He supports the concept, but dudes, he wrote about 3 checks in the last 12 months. One was for his car inspection, one was to the eye doctor. The last one was to close an old checking account.

So when it came time to support the Party, I wrote the check and signed it. His name starts with a letter that doesn't look the slightest like the letter that my name starts with. There is no mistaking that signature! And because of the amount, I was required to complete the form that says who we are (both) and who we work for (both) and a lot of other info that the Federal Election Commission and the Office of Homeland Insecurity deem important. Dudes, they had the information. I was required to provide it!

When I write (and sign) a Substantial Check to a Worthy Cause, I'd really like to Not.Be.Ignored. That is to say, when the Worthy Cause sends its thanks, I'd like to be included, as in "Dear Mr. and Mrs." (if they can't bring themselves to Word Process just "Dear Mrs.") And when the calls come (and they do), I'd like someone on the other end to realize that joint checking accounts are owned jointly. That's all. (Side note: One of my job tasks is to personally write--okay, word process--the thank you letters for all Substantial Donations that come to my program. I make a real effort to decipher those signatures; sometimes it's really, really hard! But I feel really, really strongly about expressing thanks to the person who actually made the effort. Yeh, Ms. Anal. Bite me!)

So we will see if fundraiser chick on the other end of the phone call was listening. She's the second one to claim to be writing down my name. And to apologize for the "oversight." It's been nearly 2 years.

The jury is out.
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