Saturday, January 21, 2006

Throwing in theTowel?

On oh, so many levels!

Meet the objects of my torture:

First, we have , my Mini Stepper. It's the second one. I ordered #1 during a momemt of weakness (okay, I saw my butt in the mirror and just knew that I needed to do something and it was on sale!). Numero Uno arrived in less than perfect condition. No wonder the delivery guy dropped it and ran! The box was busted (clue the first) and the "computer" (the little gizmo that counts your tortured steps) was in pieces.

Foolishly, I called for a replacement. Clearly, if I had been thinking sanely, I would have just returned the damned thing!

But Walker's Warehouse (home of disount New Balance shoes) very kindly told me to keep the broken one (IOW, "put it out for the trash pickup, we aren't paying to bring its $49 - 22 pound self back to Florida thankyouverymuch") and sent a replacement that arrived yesterday (in perfect condition, I might add).

Now, seemingly, this is a good thing. But here's the bad news. It's a painful way to get a firm butt. I'm thinking that lipo without benefit of drugs might hurt less. In fact, I am certain of it.

One hundred steps later, my legs and bottom are screaming at me. And the words aren't nice ones, either. The other thing is, at least for the time being, I cannot knit (or possiby even chew gum) while using it. It requires complete, full, undivided attention. I do not have time for torn tendons or sprained ankles, so I will comply.

Object of Torture #2:

Mitered Square Baby Blankie. Pretty, no? Evil, pure evil! The ABM Fluffy (long discontinued for oh, so many reasons) is a royal bitch to knit! Especially double stranded.

This stuff is put up in ginganious balls (4 bazillion grams, I think) and it freakin' sticks to itself. Look at it cross-eyed. Allow two strands to touch. Instant magnetic attraction of the super-glued variety. This would be fine if the two strands in question were one each of the two colors I am double stranding. Sadly, they are not. The yellow, especially, doubles back on itself, forming tight little knots and fuzzy pills.

I'm seriously worried about all the bad knit vibes that are being worked into this blankie. I mean, it's a baby blankie for a baby I don't know who is coming into the world with at least two strikes against her/his small person. Doesn't that little one deserve all the good thoughts I can muster? This blankie ain't cutting it!

As I see it, I have several choices. I can 1) think happy thoughts (difficult, very difficult) 2) put the project aside temporarily--but I am :insert whine: on a mailing deadline 3) abandon the project completely. :whimper:

But there is some good stuff happening.


I've passed row 50 of my Adult Surprise Sweater For Me (tm), have incorporated all the Kool Wool colors, and have stated on the increases.

Colors are (from the point) Claret, Loden, Blue Jeans, Claret (MC), Camel Heather, Camel, Claret, Navy, Loden etc.

I'm using the stripe pattern from Knitters Fall 2000, sort of, but doing 2 stripes of CC followed by 1 stripe of MC. It's a little less random than I would normally do. I'd really like this to be wearable!

The pattern is eating up yarn at an alarming rate, too. I am so glad that I went back and ordered more while it was still available!

I'm still gearing up for the Knitting Olympics! Collected my button from JenLa this morning.

I selfishly requested something customized to my Steek Event. If I get it, you'll be among the first to know.

Ann, I love your 'uniform' and my choise on the baby blankie is to TOSS it! Or give it to a cat. I guess you didn't ask for opinions but if I waited around for invitations I'd never get to say anything.
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