Sunday, January 22, 2006

Then, Don't!

I have a hard time understanding the need to disparage and mock those folks who participate in mass projects, even if that behavior begins to approach lemming-like status.

Case in point: the Knitting Olympics challenge that the Yarn Harlot started last week. At last count, well over 500 hardy knitters (including several cyber friends) have signed on.

Of course, the popularity of the Harlot enters in. Let's face it, had I been the one with this idea, how many takers would there have been?

And that popularity tends to spawn some dissent. I've counted at least five anti-Olympic groups. Is it envy? Outright jealousy? An attempt to be funny? To be different?

I joined in this challenge as a challenge to myself. There's no Knitting Olympic official looking over my shoulder so that I don't cast on before the 10th. There's no one gauging my "personal best." And I daresay that no one will be judging my finished object (small steeked sweater in case you missed my original posting), at least not until this summer's fair. The challenge is for me!

I could easily challenge myself at any time. In fact, I believe I did just that in December. I don't need the Knitting Olympics to push me, I choose to participate.



You betcha!

And now, I am off to challenge some people to do the right thing. More later. Maybe.
Very well said.
Hear! Hear!
Dude, you mean Steph's not going to come to all of our houses to make sure we don't cast on ahead of time?

I'm crushed.

I also don't know what to do with all of this liquor, now.
Oh, lord, I hadn't thought of that! All I have in the house is this bottle of 2-Buck Chuck.

If she starts out checking people's stuff, could someone warn me so I can go get a couple boxes-o-wine, please.
well, there may be a lot of disestablismentarianism (lol) going on, but i just counted how many people have signed up, and it's up way past 500. like 1025. holy cow! now, i REALLY dont think she's gonna be visiting us all (especially since one i saw was in alaska, knitting for team canada). wow! i'm glad i'm one of the throng. and i am still doing my own thing so to all those who don't care for it: :P
I'm joining, too- as soon as I decide what to knit. I know Stephanie doesn't know me- and probably wouldn't even notice if I didn't sign up. I'm doing it for me.

I've tagged if you want to meme along.
Well said Ann. I am seriously considering joining in if I could decide what "event" I want to do.
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