Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rounding Third Base

with at least 2 of my projects.

The hand-dyed socks really lend themselves to car knitting and stepper knitting and pick-up-and-do-a-round-at-lunch knitting, so I am nearly finished with the second of the pair. (It doesn't hurt that they are very tiny.)

I have another ball of this color and two more balls that started with "grape and fruit punch" and deteriorated rapidly to "mud." I'm wondering if an overdye with this "blue raspberry" or another color I have on hand would brighten them up a bit. Can't hurt!

Where is that Kool-aid?

I made nice progress last night and finished the button band on my Adult Surprise Sweater For Me (tm). All that's left to knit is the sleeve extensions. Then I get to weave in 8 bazillion ends. By the timetha's finished, my buttons will be here!


With any luck at all, temperatures will cooperate and I'll get a chance to wear it sooner rather than later.

The last couple of days have been veddy interesting! Monday, I spoke to a group of senior citizens. They were attentive and asked very good questions. Today, I did the same with a group of college students. Should I be concerned that they didn't ask any questions?

Note to self: Feeding Penny at 9 p.m. does little to extend morning sleep time. It's unfortunate That she doesn't snack on the "nasty dry crap" like Sparky.

ok, i've asked so many people i can't recall any more, but have you reported these socks to amie? if you don't know what the hell i'm talking about, email me or comment on my blog, andi'll explain. my brain hurts, i have to work tomorrow!
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