Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Only One?

That was a cheap shot (or sheep shot), Rabbitch to imply that my being reduced to only one WIP was anything more than temporary!

I give you the latest collection:

Or I would if Blogger weren't being so *&%$# pissy this morning!

I have 4 very lovely WIPs going. Or at least I did.

This one is finished. It's a very old Leisure Arts pattern, adapted to knit in the round, with an image from "Picture Knits" added to the front. I cheated, though and stranded that butterfly, rather than following the bobbin directions. Next one. . .I did the duplicate stitching though. Does that count?

It took seeingthe photos (don't we all live in 2 dimensions?) for me to notice that the other three WIPs are all in garter stitch! Not at all surprising, since I've turned my mind over to the mindless side.

There's the Surprise Sweater For Me (tm) in exactly the same state it was before. I am waiting for additional yarn to complete it. The Camel Kool Wool I initially selected is way too bright with the other colors, I think. And I feel in danger of running out of Claret, so I ordered more Claret and some Camel Heather, and a bit of Blue Jeans and some Sorrento, and 2 balls of that great new handpainted bulky wool for a couple of 42-stitch hats.

Yarn diet? Who me?

The ABM Fluffy is being combined with odd bits of baby weight brights to make a mitered square blankie. Just wanna use this stuff up to make room for other stuff (see previous paragraph) and also to warm a little soul. (36 hours in the cold and dark does a lot to raise awareness!)

This will be 36X48 when finished. 12 squares is all.

And a pair of slipper socks for Ship Support. I used a bootie pattern that calls for fingering weight yarn and size 3's with two strands of chunky and 10.5's.

These just need finishing.

So, now, what was that about Only One??


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