Saturday, January 28, 2006

Once Upon a Time in Blogland

It used to be possible to easily fake the time and date of publishing a blog entry by changing the date and time on the launch screen. That possibility went out the window a couple of months ago (unless I am missing something).

Nevermind! I just found the (now hidden) "Post and Comment Options." And changed the time. (Makes me look like less of a slacker when I post three times in one day after not posting all week.)

And speaking as the Slacker of the Day (or Month, take your pick), I finished the little red socks while Riding Around, Running Errands and Wasting Gas. (I was not driving.)

I am pleased with the way they look. Especially considering how close they came to Not.Being.Finished when I discovered, after the second heel was turned, that I had neglected to "knit three rounds even" before starting the heel flap. :expletive deleted: Can you say "rip-it?"

Yarn is Stahl Socka in Sunrise, Sunset, which I find oddly appealing as a colorway for newborn's socks. ". . .swiftly fly the days, Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers. . ."

I'm pretty sure Socka isn't available any more.

I immediately cast on another sock using some Brown Sheep Wildfoote that has been aging in the stash.

The color is/was Vanilla. "What?" you say, "that doesn't look very 'vanilla-y.'"

Thanks to Kool-aid (and no, I don't remember the flavor, but the yarn smells vaguely berry-ish) for the color.

Wildfoote blooms nicely when washed. I am hoping for a miracle here, 'cause right now, it looks like sewing thread!

I have been moaning about my Olympic coach's lack of interest in the knitting progress, to the point that I was considering firing her and bringing Sparky in to replace her.

Today, she hopped up on my lap to check out the Adult Surprise For Me (tm) sweater.

I think she is eyeing it as a replacement for her Pink Blankie (the one she co-opted several years ago) that was originally intended to be a charity donation. What Penny wants, Penny gets.

Not this time! Penny, Love, this one's for me!

And here it is, in all its glory:

Miles and miles of Kool Wool garter stitch. I have picked up the edge stitches (354 of them), marked the 2 inner and 4 outer miters and have completed 4 rows (2 ridges) of the border, after much re-reading of the pattern, mulling, sweating, swearing, and adaptation.

I'm right at the point where I must decide. Button(s)? Clasp(s)? Nothing? In which case, I could use shawl pin or some of the great Bakelite pins I have to hold it closed.

I've been browsing button sites and thinking about a trip to Joann's. There are some pretty cool choices at . I've never ordered from there, but I'm really tempted right now. (Check out the Garcia Collection and the Celtic buttons! I'll wait.)

Fact is, I can't move ahead until I decide how I'm going to close this puppy.

Well, truthfully, I can finish the sleeves and weave in the ends while I wait for buttons to arrive.
I could also compromise and use 7 of the gazillion buttons in my jars and jars of Buttons In The Basement, replacing them later with the Perfect Buttons. (Did I ever mention that I have a button stash? That could be a topic for a future blog!)

Your little red socks are cute. :)
Cute socks! And I love your ASJ. I started one last year, realized I was running out of yarn and shoved it in the closet. Now I don't like the colors- I see many hats in the future...
Those red and black socks are so cute!

Argh. I did not need to know of an online button buying site! They've got some cool buttons, and yup, I've got a button stash of my own (and inherited).

Weaving should always be done dead last after it is obvious that no one, NO ONE is going to do it for you no matter how long you wait. Not even the weave in elves do it. Bad elves.

I don't know. Penny looks pretty stubborn.....
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