Monday, January 23, 2006

Moving Right Along

I made some nice progress on the Adult Surprise Sweater For Me (tm) yesterday. In fact, I believe I added about another 40 or so rows. (good game, wasn't it? Go, Steelers!)

Because of the randomness of the stripe pattern, Claret no longer appears to be the main color, but the edging (and cuffs) will remedy that.

I'm liking the "serape" feel that this sweater is acquiring.

I've started another of the little tabbard vests in an effort to use up the mint green Red Heart. This one will have little fuzzy sheep scattered on the bib. That's a fence already in place to contain the fuzzy beasties.

I can "step" 85 times while knitting 2 rows. Either my stepping or my knitting will speed up as I get more confidence in my balance.

I'm aiming for 150 steps a day every day this week.

And this is the start of a new project. Pile of old well, worn, soft jeans legs that I plan to transform into cage cozies for the SPCA in New Orleans.

They are back on their feet (sort of) and are in need of mats for the small animal cages (knit, crocheted, sewn) and fingerless mitts for the workers.

The shelter is currently housed in a warehouse that is slowly being transformed into useable space. But it's cold and drafty (as warehouses are). If you can help with this effort, cozies of all sizes (washable/dryable materials only!!--Cotton, acrylic, blends, and superwash wool--No eyelash or "novelty" yarn) from 16" squares up and fingerless mitts (also washable) in adult sizes can be mailed to :

Dez Crawford
701 Thayer Street
New Orleans, LA 70114

Thanks for considering the furry beasties.
The sweater is looking great. I love all the colors.
Go Steelers!

The sweater is looking lovely. I love the colors.

Yet another use for the tons of acrylic in my house - Yay!
Love your ASJ. I'll make one for me one of these days (too many projects on needles at moment to start one or at least one of the WIP will become UFO and can't have that!)

Here we go, Steelers, here we go...
Sweater is looking good!

And oh god I have to get my knitting machine up and going soon ... use up all that Ack and keep the kitties warm ...

Yes, in my copious free time. Shut up.
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