Monday, January 23, 2006

It's the Key

We got new doors at work. Not earthshattering news, I know, but they needed replacing seeing as they were rusting out and a good gust of wind could open them just the tiniest bit and set off the freakin' alarm (which meant a trip in the middle of the night to reset the freakin' alarm)! So. We got new doors.

Of course, that meant new keys. Which meant a trip to the hardware store to get duplicates cut (6 of them) for the "key holders," the security officer, and the fire department. Trot off to the hardware store.

My first clue that something might be amiss was when the hardware store lady fired up the key-cutter machine and did.not.don.protective.eyewear. Hello, OSHA!

None of the keys fit. You knew that was coming, didn't you?

Fact is, all of them fit but none of them would turn. Hmmm.

Trip today for new keys. This time I went to the Hardware Store Right Here In Town. The one that also serves as The Biggest Gun Store in Eastern Pennsylvania. They have guns that you would not believe. Lotsa guns!

While I am waiting for my keys, I look up. There's a huge honkin' moose head on the wall above the nuts and bolts. And what's that, over the cash register? Do I spy a wildebeast? And a sable? Good lord, there's freaking endangered wildlife decorating the hardware store. And what in the hell?? An entire stuffed giraffe? Fully 12' tall. Maybe more.

If I have to return these keys, I'm taking my camera!

My size 15 double points arrived in the mail today. They're birch.

Shown with a size 2 for comparison sake.

I'd have shown a broom handle too, but there would be very little contrast!

Here's why I needed the 15's. Two balled up balls of Hand Dyed Wool.

Big, fat stuff that knits up at 2 stitches to the inch. On 15s.

And here's what I made. Kim Salazar's 42 Stitch Hat.

I'm planning to make a second one with the Flaming Embers colorway.

And here's the begining of the Jean Conversion Project.

I had bunches of old jeans parts that I planned (originally) to make into a wonderful big quilt. (Any idea how heavy that would be?)

Now I'm putting them together into cat mats. These are just the first 2.

Holy crow those are some huge needles. I'm not sure I'm coordinated enough to fanagle something that big. lol

Love the kitty mats. That's an interesting idea for using up jeans. I took apart an old pair of mine to make a knitting bag. Someday I'll line it. hehe
I like that hat!
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