Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Golden Child

Yesterday was the day-back-from-hell! No one should have 3-day weekends. I hereby declare that (when I am in charge) all 3-day weekends will be 4! So there!

It started with my drive to work. I no longer remember why I needed my cell phone, but I really, really needed it. It wasn't in my purse! I had it the day before. It! Ever notice how clever (not!) we become in situations like this? Thought to self: "if I had my phone, I could call the Other Half and have him call me so I could find my. . . " :d'oh!:

When I got to work I did call the Other Half. Had him look for the phone (on the charger, nope; on the futon where I set my purse yesterday, nope) so he called the phone hoping it would out itself. Nope! Nope! Nope!

Had him call it again. While I was back in the car. There, that distinctive ring. It's definitely in the car, but where? Once the sun came up, I had someone else dial my phone. But she couldn't find the number. Silly! Let me check it on the phone. :d'oh!:

Found it! Finally. Under the driver's seat. In the back. WTF?

Then. Opened a computer file (Excel) to print out a worksheet. File is not.there. No, wait. File is there. File is empty. Instead of 35 or so little tabs across the bottom, identifying 6 counties 20+ sites, a couple of comprehensive lists from the beginning of time, 2004 and 2005, nothing but three tabs: "Sheet 1," "Sheet 2," "Sheet 3." We're talking the compiled work of 2.5 years MIA!!!

Fortunately, we back up all files every night! Unfortunately, accessing those backups requires more expertise than I possess! Unfortunatly, getting to the-person-who-can requires queue-jumping. Fortunately, the panic in my voice said it all!

Two hours and much sweating/swearing later, the file was restored in all its glory! Today, I will back the whole thing up to CD. That way if (FSM forbid) it happens again, I can restore it myself. :whew: bullet dodged!

Which brings me exhausted and emotionally drained to Day 11 of the KAL:

Okay, I've been working on it for 3 days, gotta keep ahead of the crowd in case there are questions! Baby surprise is finished except for the seaming and the buttons (and the weaving of ends, but who's looking at those?).

Do you see a sweater in there? See the buttonhole? That's a clue.

Tonight, all will be revealed.

And how 'bout those Nittany Lions! Confession: I bailed at half-time. But the Other Half woke me at 1 (is it really 1 A.M.?) with the final. What was the score? Anyone?

Gonna be another long day!


The baby surprise is done! Here it is with the first sleeve folded into place --->>

And here's the back--

Do you see how the stripes work now?

And here it is with all the ends woven in, the seams seamed and the buttons sewn.

All done.

Ain't she sweet?
26-23. Couldn't do it after staying up late the night before for the Sugar Bowl.

I bailed about 11:30. Whew, football may be the death of me.

Sweater is looking good. I'm thinking about trying EZ's Tomten jacket.
I made a baby size tomten a couple of years ago. I'm thinking that the Kool Wool at Smiley's ($1.25 for another 10 days or so) would make a nice "me-size" tomten!
The sweater looks great! Since the Tomten would be my first attempt at modular knitting, I'm going baby size.

If it works, then it might be fun to make a big one.
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