Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Going to the Dogs (and Cats)

During the moments I felt halfway human today, I got a little applique work done. It amazes me the number of different colors of denim I've collected in this humungous pile. Everything from nearly white (I think those were the Bigger Kid's from junior high school) to almost black (those, sadly, were probably mine).

I cut some shapes, set the sewing machine to zig-zag and did some cute stuff. Does that cat look a little strange? Nah, I don't think so either.

I'm using an old burgundy flannel sheet set for backing on some of these. It's well-worn for softness, and been through so many washes that all the dye that's going to bleed already has. I have bits of quilt batting scrap that I zig-zagged together to stuff a couple, and an old blanket for others, and a bunch of faded terry cloth beach towels. All of the materials have been through many washes. These mats should stand up to the industrial machine that will be used to keep them clean.

Because there are people following my progress (such as it is), here's the latest on my Surprise For Me (tm). I've passed the point where the neck is moved to holders.

Looks like I am coming into the home stretch.

There will be a lot of ends to weave in. I'm thinking seriously about braiding them and tacking the braid in place.

And on another note, I am feeling as though I might live. Today was a godsend since I have crazy busy days the rest of the week and all of next week. I really needed the time to just be sick.
Everybody seems to be sick with something! I hope you feel better quick.

That applique is awesome and the cat is adorable. Not a thing wrong with it.

Don't rush on the moose head pix. Yikes.
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