Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Go For the Gold!

The Yarn Harlot has issued a challenge! And, of course, I rise to the occasion:

Pick a challenging project. Cast on during opening ceremonies (or no sooner than 2 p.m. local time on February 10). Knit your heart out until the Olympic flame is extinguished on February 26. Claim your medal (assuming you finished, blocking and all).

So I picked a pallette. Yes, you've seen this stuff before. It's something like 2700 yards of Pingofrance wool/ack that I got in a swap. Many shades of blue, a lot of that caramel color. Should make a nice warm cardigan, because my personal challenge (faithful readers will remember from my New Year's Resolutions (tm) see December 31 post) for 2006 is to steek! :eek:

Pattern choices remain unchanged. I am not, after all, entirely crazy. If I'm going to cut into newly knitted fabric, it's going to be a very small cut. I'll work my way up to things that fit adult humans. I'm thinkin' that a size 2 would be just about perfect.

I'm leaning toward the Scandanavian Cardigan. There are no armhole steeks, just the one up the middle. Call me chicken. I can take it!

I've enlisted the assistance of a small fuzzy cheerleader.

She'll be helping me along the way, I'm sure.

Knitting and steeking. It's a team sport!

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