Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Definitely Not Eggplant

Several people have asked if I broke down and ordered the eggplant Kool Wool before the price went up (all the way to $1.99, by the way--still a bargain!).

I did not. It seemed rather silly to be thinking ahead that many projects. I'm trying to be more mature here. I've added fiber to my diet, for the sake of the FSM!

However. I did order more Kool Wool.

Just a few more skeins of Claret. Because I was afraid, so afraid, that I would run out. and some Camel Heather, because the Camel was a bit too bright with the other colors I had. And Blue Jeans. Just because.

And I added a color of Cervinia Sorrento that I didn't have before (troops knitting). They call it Dark Green Heather. I call it, oh, Spinach Salad with Bacon and Those Garlic Butter Croutons. Yes, that yummy! (Did I really type that about ack?)

And speaking of yummy. I couldn't resist the Luxury Hand Dyed Wool. This one's called Tropical Heat. I have Flaming Embers still on the way.

Each is destined to become Kim's 42-Stitch Hat from her November 24, 2004, archives. All I need is the size 15 DPNs to make this beauty my own.

Who says adding fiber isn't fun?
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