Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Dance Goes On


was waiting for me when I got home this afternoon. It was not a surprise. It was stuff-I-ordered. From myfavoritepusher.com . Late last week. I was hoping that I would be the one to discover it. And would get a chance to open it alone. Not because I have anything to hide. My stash is stored in plain view.

More because I wanted the chance to fondle it alone. And I did.

I popped the top. Yummy stuff inside. Such pretty colors. Such wonderful textures. And the smell of new fiber.


There's wool.

Red Woolbale, black solid sock yarn (that will be an accent, just so you know, I'm not crazy), and some interesting variegated sock yarn that I think is destined to become baby sweaters.

And there's cotton in pale yellow (daffodil, I think) and sage. The light and the camera doesn't do them justice!

And in the foreground a bit of alpaca insurance. It's the same color, but not the same dye lot as some I already own. I decided that I might not have quite enough to finish a sweater I have planned. This could be the cuffs. Or I might not need it in which case, it's destined to become a hat and fingerless mitts.

Or a scarf.

And the real reason I ordered:

Kool Wool. This will be a jacket for me. Maybe EZ's Surprise. Maybe her Tomten. (I know it's Lion--maybe they got it right this time.) At a buck and a quarter a pop. How could I resist? .

Here's how. I waited. I wanted eggplant. It was gone. So I got claret instead. Two days later, you guessed it. Eggplant was back.

I very nearly ordered more. I still might.

Price goes up in 5 days.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, it's all stashed away, but will not enter my spread sheet until late April. It's not stash yet.

Wow that's a lot of great fiber. I always love boxes even when I know exactly whats in them.
Ann you are such an enabler! I have finally given in to the power of Smiley's.

How does this not become stash until April by the way?
Hmmm... so new yarn should age awhile before it becomes stash.
Thanks for the tip - think I'll head on over to Smiley's!
Damn you woman!!!! I got to drooling over all your pretty yarn, so I wandered over to Smiley's. Long story short, I just spent $41. This is after on eBay I won 5 skeins of the yarn I need for my son's sweater.

God give me the strength to stop drooling over other people's yarn so I don't go out buying more for me. hehehe
Yarn that is "planned for a meal" (family code word for food that should not be snacked on) doesn't become "stash" until (in my book, anyway) all the plans fall through. In this case, I'm thinking that I will know by spring. (IOW, I want to wear this jacket in March or April.) If I don't start it by then, I'll add the Kool Wool to my spread sheet. The other stuff, truly, it's going to become baby gifties. Really. Even the black. (Accent, remember?)
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