Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Couple of Reviews

We generally watch a couple of videos over the weekend (one Friday, one Saturday, usually).

The picks this weekend were Red Eye and The Brothers Grimm. Both were relatively new on the DVD circuit.

Let me just say that if either of these wins any awards (no matter how obscure), I will probably slit my wrists.

Let me go on record, too, as having picked The Brothers Grimm, because the previews I saw made me think that I might enjoy the movie. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Though LOTR fans might like the costumes and the dark screening.

Red Eye, on the other hand was just bad. Bad premise, bad acting, really bad special effects. Bad.

The good news is, there was no gratuitous sex in either. The bad news is, there was lots of gratuitous violence in Red Eye, and lots of scary shit in The Brothers Grimm. (Come to think of it, their fairy tales were pretty "grim," weren't they?) Definitely not a kid movie!

So, two thumbs down on both scores. If you really want to see either, wait for the dollar shelf! I am very glad I did not get dressed up and shell out big bucks to see these in the Cineplex.
I saw Red Eye and wasn't all that impressed either. My folks rent lots of movies, so thankfully I didn't have to pay a thing to see it. hehe

As far as The Brothers Grimm, I have no plans to see it. I like Matt Damon but man he looks like a dork in this one. Most of the 'original' fairy tales were very dark. They weren't written specifically for children back then. They were meant to scare the crap out of people.
You get dressed up for the Cineplex?

I don't "do" movies usually, although startlingly enough there are several right now that I would like to see.

But not if I have to wear pants.
I do not wear my jammies to the Cineplex. And they make you wear shoes, too.
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