Friday, January 13, 2006

Change of Mind

Nothing drastic.

It occurs to me after, what, 18 months of struggling with every blog to come up with a movie title for a subject (and believe me, some days it's a real struggle), that no one but me has noticed how incredibly clever that is. What! You didn't notice? See what I'm sayin'?

So this will be the last one of those and from here on out, unless there's a really good fit to a movie title and my subject du jour , there will be no more clever cuteness (at least not in the title line). I can retire my copy of Leonard Maltin.

Some random thoughts have occured to me: Though I do not subscribe to the one-project-at-a-time school, I seem to be knitting one project at a time. I don't think it's deliberate. I finished the baby sweater late last night and noticed that I have (yet again) only one WIP:

This is another mindless beanie for Ship Support. I think the addition of the navy stripes will make it look enough more "mature"that it will pass, but the rest of this green yarn is definitely going to become toddlerwear.

I can knit a hat in the round a week as my mindless knit-in-the-dark, knit-in-the-car project that fits between other stuff.

I'll be casting on an Adult Surprise Sweater this weekend. For Me. In claret Kool Wool.

I managed to get the Black Scarves (tm) to their recipients yesterday. They seemed pleased (and shocked) that someone would do something like this. For Them. Glad I thought of it.

Three day weekend coming up. Time to clean the bathrooms whether they need it or not.

(They need it.)

One project at a time? Is there something wrong with you, woman?

I ripped OUT a project I hated last night, and I still have like ten on the go.

Or more.

You're right, I hadn't noticed the movie title theme. But, it is really a cool (really) idea! No matter, your blog is great anyway. I don't post comments much, but I do love reading your blog.
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