Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I'm not sure that it's possible to see the difference in these two garter stitch scarves in a photo.

The one on the left was knit on the diagonal (start like a dishcloth, when proper width is achieved, continue to increase at the bginning of one row, decrease at the beginning of the next. Repeat to proper length, decrease both sides to 1 stitch, fasten off). The one on the right is knit lengthwise (cast on a zillion stitches, knit some rows, bind off). Feel free to follow these directions to make your own garter stitch scarf.

The diagonal scarf (even post-block) has a rough edge (from the end of row turns). Note to self: get in the habit of slipping that first stitch if the edge will be exposed!

Aside from the smoother edges on the lengthwise scarf, side-by side, they look very different. Make some swatches if you are so inclined. You'll see what I mean.

And so that the colorful part of my life feels less neglected, I started a beanie (no kidding!) in this color that Red Heart chose to call "mint." (It's like no other "mint" I've ever seen. More of a teal or turquoise. Maybe that's why it turned up "remaindered" at Smiley's?)

Seems much better suited to baby/toddler things. I'll be toning it down with navy stripes (or black, I seem to have a lot of that), or some other color. Can you say "too bright?"

Its companions will become a toddler vest or sweater. Definitely not more beanies. Press on with the task on the needles, though.

And speaking of "on the needles" (What? No?) the Little Sweater is progressing. I am almost to the bottom border of the body. Two short little sleeves and done!

I seem to have picked up some sort of stomach cooties. Came home early from work yesterday and slept the afternoon away. My nausea has abated (TMI, I know) and I might just live. Isn't winter wonderful?

Ah come on, winter IS wonderful. Otherwise it would be too hot to knit with wool, OR wear the sweaters you knit.
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