Sunday, January 08, 2006


Yesterday, I alluded to a payback I needed to make. Seems somewhere along the way, a whole huge Excel worksheet went missing. The name was still there. The folder was, too. But all the little worksheets inside (and the computer records on close to 2500 people) were MIA!

Now, the paper records still exist in file folders and a big, big box. Reconstruction would be possible, just incredibly tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, we back up all files every single night!

I believe I mentioned how my heroes saved the day by reloading those files for me. I may have even mentioned that I felt the need to somehow "return the favor," though not quite in the way that Rabbitch suggested. (Her regular readers will know immediately that her suggestion is one I definitely could not follow. . .)

So, having eliminated pizza, cookies, and brownies, I settled on knitwear (my options being somewhat limited). One was easy. Black. No doubt in my mind. The other not so easy. Frankly, I was thinking day-glo green with little LED crystals that blink and maybe some shiny gold and silver bling, but their scheduler came to my rescue (more than once, but I digress) and said: "black."

So, black it is. For both.

Spillaine's (the closest crafty-crappy emporium, definitely not a LYS) was fresh out of Super-saver in black, but had TLC. I bought all they had, 35 ounces. and set to work.

Double thick, 7"wide, wrap twice around the neck diagonal scarf. Finished it this morning. It's drying on the pool table.

Here's what's left of the first 2 5 ounce skeins:

Yes, that really is barely 3 yards.

And here's my progress on Number 2:

This is a lengthwise one. Both are garter stitch. I avoided the temptation to fire up the Bond and made them both by hand.

Time must be repaid with time. That's my motto.

Will they wear them? Don't know. Don't care.

Your techies may well be speechless -- who has ever said more than a 'thank you' to them? they should be waiting on your doorstep the next time you need assistance!
Before they were even out of the parking lot at my site, I emailed them my thanks (and copied their supervisor). She emailed me back that nobody ever said thank you, but everybody was quick to complain!

Yeh, I know.
You rock.

And your scarves are nicer than anything I would have come up with (and faster!) I've gotta start knitting some of mine lengthwise on the circs.

Ack. I've got startitis again ...
What cast on do you use, btw, when you're doing them longways on the circs? I need to learn a new cast-on technique this month anyhow, so might as well learn on 5 miles of bad road ... um, I mean black.

frkjg, indeed.
I used long-tail. Loose. Any cast on would work. As long as it's loose.
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