Sunday, December 25, 2005

Too Much, Too Soon

I am overwhelmed!

The troops came through magnificently:

New sheep for the shelf. (And yes, I am running out of room. Why do you ask?)

New books. Top to bottom: New paperback Anita Shreve mind candy,
Memoirs of a Geisha,
Yarn Harlot (Bookbookbook 2?) ,
The Gallery of Regrettable Food (just too very funny),
Odd Ball Knitting,
Picture Knits,
Modular Knits,
Knitting the Old Way,
Andean Folk Knits

Do they know me?? For the record, the knitting books were all on My List (tm). I hoped to get one or two.

Sparky got everything she wanted too. "Oh, you mean the wrap wasn't my gift??"

And on a knitterly note, here's how I wound up dealing with the Aran beanie.

I decided to cross only the center 4 stitches of the six that remained in knit, leaving the side two stitches in k1.

Unconventional, I know, but a method that makes the foreground pop even more than normal.

The top decreases were a bear! I really wanted to maintain the cable right to the bitter end which meant doing all decreasing in the purl section, seven stitches every round. That still left me with 42 stitches after all the purls were gone.

I solved this problem with some clever manipulation, first getting rid of 7 extra knit stitches, one in each cable panel (35 stitches), then decreasing inside the cable twist (28 stitches). The rest was a piece of cake by comparison.

It's really obvious that the background has receded a lot in this photo of the finished beanie.

I'm so pleased with how it looks that it will be tucked away for this summer's fair. I just wish I had made it in wool!

I got the new camera that I had hoped for, so expect improvement in the quality of the pictures on this blog as soon as i figure out how to use it.

cool beans, looks like you hauled it in!

i got some stuff from franklin's cafe press shop, and 2 gc from my favorite LYS. woot!

again, merry christmas

I think I'm getting coal this year.
You musta been a Very good girl this year! Great haul!!!!!
I was simply mah-velous!
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