Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Repeat Performance

The sock-yarn baby sweater is only a faint memory. Over the weekend, I frogged the sleeve that was finished and the front/back that was not, and reclaimed the yarn. Re-stashed that stuff with no plan for its future.

First, I used a new wire hanger to make a square frame.

Then I wound the frogged yarn loosely on the frame.

I filled the kitchen sink with warm water (after first scrubbing it out) and put the framed yarn into the water to soak for abour 15 minutes.

That relaxed the kinks quite nicely.

Then I drained the water and hung the frame on the faucet to drain a bit of the water out. Note, if this were a heavier yarn, I would have skipped right to step 4 before the hanging part to prevent stretching the yarn.

Please note the very clean sink. We take pictures because it's so rare!

Next, I put the frame on towels and pressed out as much of the remaining water as I could before hanging the frame in an out-of-the-way place so that the yarn could dry.

Last night, it was still a little damp, So the balling of the yarn was postponed.

There you have it: restashed yarn.

How the Grinch, you know the drill, part 9: I give you snowglobe . While shaking the shit out of it (and listening to the screams of ?delight?) is fun, I urge you to let it sit on your desktop. Watch the action first, then shake the shit out of it!

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