Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Press for Time

Happy Solstice. Celebrate today in the traditional Celtic mannor: cut down a tree and set it a-blaze to encourage the sun to return. If we didn't live in a no-burn zone, I'd be doing it!

I scrambled all last week to clean the house (truly, I did!) because we were expecting Christmas Company (the Big Kid and the New Daughter-In-Law). Their original plans forthe holiday (to visit her parents in a warm, sunny place) had sadly fallen through. We were the back-up. Then Tuesday night we got the call every parent of Newlyweds fears--they found cheap airfare!

The bad news: all their presents are here and it's too late to ship them "slow and cheap." It's even (probably) too late to ship them "fast and expensive." I refuse to send anything (except maybe a passport to someone stuck in a former-Soviet bloc country, and even then, only if he's being detained) "Express Mail." Under the circumstances, that's just dumb!

So, they'll be getting Extended Christmas Cheer. After they return home. Twelfth Night, even.

The good news: I don't have to shovel this room out just yet. This is very good news. Just look around you! No, don't. It's just too horrible. :whew:

The reclaimed sock yarn is dry and rolled into neat little balls. See how relaxed it looks?

Sometime in June, I'll cast on again. Maybe little socks and a hat. Definitely not a sweater!

And for the record, the big ball is one whole ball of yarn. The medium-size ball is part of a second (the worked part of the one I had attached and started the front-back of former baby sweater). I don't know where the little one came from. It was just there. :cue Twilight Zone music:

How the Grinch Stole the Holiday (and why) part 10 can be found here . Turn up the volume and prepare to chuckle! Christmas celebrators aren't the only ones with bad music!
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