Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Old Enough

and gonna get older!

The results are in. Penny had her surgery this afternoon. She has mammary lumps, has had since 1999 (that we know of). She had surgery then for a lump that turned out to be carcinoma (cancer), then again, a couple years later. That one was cystic (benign).

She's a lot older now and the lumps which have been present for years concerned our vet. He recommended that they be taken care of now "while she is healthy."

I read up on the Internet. Mammary lumps in female cats are malignant 95% of the time.

But not this time!

Not too happy dancing. . .

I can pick her up at 6:30.

I'm so happy for you that they aren't malignant, and that you're able to get it taken care of while she can handle the operation. By the time my childhood cat had a lump, she was far too old and frail for us to do anything about it but save her from misery.
Yay! I'm always happy to hear well kitty news.
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