Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Lion in Winter

Some random thoughts:

Yesterday, I dropped my car at the dealer for a major (brake) repair (don't ask, it was very painful). When I came out to get in my ride-back-to-work, I slipped on the icy parking lot and fell really hard. On my left hip, ebow, and wrist. Instead of going right back inside and selecting my new car :insert smiley: I went to work. Today, I am paying for more than the brake job.

On January 3, Penn State faces Florida State in the Orange Bowl. Come on! Of course, the New Daughter-In-Law is a graduate of FSU. It could get ugly. Except, well, did you see Florida v. Florida State?

The "tippet" in garter stitch is coming along nicely. Should have photos by the weekend (and a recipe, of course).

The Hiking scarf is progressing. I think the shawl is done. And a hat experiment is stumping me.

The new IK came yesterday. I read half and set it on my nightstand. This morning, it has disappeared. Okay, where? Did Sparky take up knitting overnight? There's no other explanation.

Penny has her surgery today. The power of the Internet isn't always a good thing. I looked up the possibilities on Sunday. There's a 95% or so chance that the outcome won't be good. Keep a good thought, please.
Missed it Ann, what is your Sparky's surgery for??? Will keep positive thoughts...
It's Penny that had surgery. I'll post an update.
well, duh...I can read, really, just crs again!!

glad that Penny did great and it was good news!
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