Friday, December 16, 2005

How the Grinch Stole Christmas 5

Dear Ebay and PayPal,

I do not have an account with either of you (and though I certainly understand you are linked to each other, I have no intention of clicking on either link). Please stop telling me to "update" my "information."

Earnestness alert: I know this is phishing.

Today's entertainment is located here .

Cat update: Penny got her staples out yesterday. She got a funky collar to wear (photos later when I find her). She's hiding so the Other Kitty doesn't point and giggle. And antibiotics. And a couple of shots. And my wallet is officially empty.

Scarf update: Penn State is done. Florida State is cast on. The things we do for love!
I'm gonna go buy a paper just so I can crumple it up and toss it at you. hehe I just spent a dang half hour playing that game. Best I could do was 5. pout
OH! You're evil!!!!!!!!!

Now hold still while I toss this paper ball your way!
i got 6, :P. thanks for wasting valuable holiday knitting time, lol! i'm gonna post this on my blog as well, and blame you, lol, like i did for hipponoodles, lol
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