Thursday, December 15, 2005


The past few years have been pretty sucky for Penn State Football! There were calls for JoPa to retire, and calls for a new philosophy, and while all that may well be in order, for the moment, PSU is once again Orange Bowl Bound!

In honor of that honor, I cast on another sideways garter stitch scarf:

Something like 240 stitches, size 9 needles, 2 rows (one ridge) of denim blue alternating with creamy white.

I think the blue is Plymouth Encore. The ball band is long-lost, but it's definitely wool and ack. The cream is Cervinia Sorrento (100% ack, but soft). We're probably looking at around 400 yards total (slightly more blue than cream as that's what I cast on and will bind off). I'm planning about a 6" wide X 6' long finished size.

No, it's not Penn State (navy) blue and white. It's what was in the stash. Get over it! FCEK said that PSU's colors are navy and silver. I think I'm closer to the mark!

The opposing team is Florida State. They had a good finish to the season, but this could get ugly. The New Daughter-In-Law is one of them. Yep, a Seminole. So I figure, if I make the blue/white stripey scarf for the Older Kid, I'm going to need to make a scarf for the New Daughter-In-Law, because we love her, mis-informed though she may be.

I've got the wine red (more Sorrento), but I'm going to have to come up with the goldenrod. Trip to Spillaine's is in order if it stops precipitating. Darn!

Now here's the rub. The game is January 3, a Tuesday, and I'll have to work the next day!

And a bit about JoPa and our personal history: The Other Half and I were freshmen at PSU his second year as head coach! Really! That long ago. Monday (December 12) we marked 35 years as a married couple. We got married while we were still in college (seniors, but still. . .).

And to think, I made him a sweater while we were dating. Another myth shot to hell!

. .
Crap. That means I should stop working on Ben's sweater right now, doesn't it?

Feh, another good idea blown to hell ...
Happy Anniversary! And many, many more.
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