Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Forever Amber

I finished another gift.

Because of the nature of it (test knitting a sample for a class to start in the spring), I can't show the whole thing (rats!), but I can tell you that blocking, er, dressing, made all the difference on this one. It added 1/3 to the length (a very good thing as it was looking a bit skimpy), changed the drape from spongy to silky, and generally made the it. It's a "seaman"-type scarf with the ribbed neckband and lace end panels.

The yarn: Austermann Barkarole, merino/silk/cashmere blend from that happens to have it (for the moment) back in stock, but not in this color. It's a sport-weight (85 m/25 g) and one of the nicest yarns I have encountered in a long time. Not to enable or anything. (Red? Aubergine? That pretty baby blue? You know you want it!)

And doesn't the amber shawl pin finish it off just perfectly? (Except that the photo is less than perfect. I wanna better camera! See note about "after the holidays" in a previous post.)

I was torn between this one (which I really wanted to keep), and one of the more "fun" ones I have. Decided to be "sedate." Classic. Classy.

And on another note: Did you see this week's Newsweek? There's lots of good food for thought (an op piece on "Homemade/Handmade Christmas," for one), and some scary stuff about the isolation of the current "folks in charge."


Ooh! You shouldn't have.

Oh. You didn't. Damn. You should have. *g*

It's lovely!
LOVE your Knitting..
LOve Your Blog...
Love your Yarn...

I haven't finished Browsing but Hubby is calling me to watch TV..Bummer..
Oh Well...
I'll Be Back !!!

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