Thursday, December 22, 2005

Check and Double Check

As the Winter Holiday draws closer (3 days?) I need to check over the piles of presents. The gifts for the Best Friend were completed, wrapped and mailed last week. Many of them were handmade (pictures of some were posted here). Since this friend is herself a talented crafter (counted cross-stitch), I know she appreciates the time and talent that go into a handmade gift. I just hope she likes the colors I selected.

The gifts for The Older Kid and The New Daughter-In-Law are sitting over there :points:, some beautifully wrapped, others awaiting a suitable box/gift bag. They won't be mailed until next week.

Last year, The Older Kid ordered a gift for The Younger Kid on-line. UPS claims to have delivered it and left it in the doorway of the apartment in a building The Older Kid shares with several hundred Other People. Do I need to tell you how long it took to get the gift replaced? And how much yelling and threatening?

That's why we are waiting to mail until they are home.

There's been some progress on the knitting front.
The yellow blankie is coming along and it looks as though one each of these massive balls of yarn (ABM Fluffy-250 g each) may be enough to finish the whole thing. If that's the case, I have enough left to make a second blankie.

The "real" Penn State scarf is more than half-done.

The Aran beanie is under the pile somewhere. In exactly the same condition it was the last time you saw it.

How the Grinch, part 11:

There will be only one more part, I think. Twelve days of X-moose and all that, you know. And yes, I know that the 12 days actually start on December 25 and end on, are you ready?, Twelfth Night (Epiphany, January 6). But why wait? Celebrate early.

This one is really intriguing. Remember all the play-backwards songs of the 70's with their hidden messages? (Yeh, the drugs and booze did wonderful things for our imaginations, didn't they?) It seems that they go back way earlier than that! This is an old tune, played backwards. Put the volume on at least "medium" so you can hear the subtle message!

Put down your beverage, set aside that cookie. Today's Grinch is found here here.
Ann, you are truly evil!!! I got caught on that one yesterday on Knitflame, you wicked woman LOL
Uh, no thankyouverymuch. The ambulance has already been out once this week because of that site. hee hee
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