Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cat People

We are a household of cat people, so I'm sure you understand our distress when the vet said "those lumps need looking at."

So as long as we're looking, have a look. Her belly is bare (so we have a matching duo) and she has a bunch of staples. (She won't let me count them so I don't know how many.)

Poor kitty.

Lucky kitty.

Good drugs!

I'm so glad she's doing okay. I would watch out though, she might get you back for posting her bare tummy on the internet!
Owie owie owie!

And not so much of the naked cats, plz.

Oh poor kitty, but also very,very lucky kitty to have such a loving Mummy to look after her/him, sorry didn't read that far.I have 3 kitties who are such a part of family,don't know what i'd do if i lost one. All are ill,Mojo15 has crf and colitis,caught in time but has 3 differeent meds and daily iv i give him,Pru 6,is a little minx with pancreatitis also on iv 3x a wk,and Miko,just super fat but i've got the routine down pat.[g] All have thier own speciality foods,treats and i've trained them to only eat from thier own bowl in seperate spots, works great......and because i'm on disability,vet gives me great discount. Love my babies so much.....Hope yours is better soon....If he'd like to write,My babies would be willing write back and swap photos....they are starting thier own blog too!{G}
Ouch! Poor kitty, hope she feels better soon.
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