Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Best of Times

It's the end of a year and time for taking stock. I will not bare my entire soul to the world today, but will recap the highlights of those things-of-which-I-have-blogged:

Good Stuff: Had a successful Fair Experience again this year, though I've lost track of the ribbons. The "take" approached $25.

Good Stuff: Stretched my wings a bit, making a Lopi cardigan (and another cardigan) for myself. It fits, it draws compliments, the buttons don't gap.

Bad stuff: I didn't steek the Lopi cardigan.

Resolution: 2006 will be the Year of the Steek! Starting small (and probably donating if no small personal person is on the horizon), with one of the Cottage Creations booklets I already own.

The directions are chatty, the sweaters are small (toddler size) and cute (what could be "not cute" about a Scandanavian sweater sized for a baby?) The knitting should go relatively fast (worsted weight, baby size), so I'll get to the steeking fast and get it over with.

Good stuff: I tackled a lot of simple lace.

Bad Stuff: I gave it all away.

Resolution: Use this yummy handpainted alpaca that I bought at Stitches East (2000? It was still in King of Prussia) at Ellen's Half-Pint Farms booth.

The color is "Southwestern Dessert," a mixture of peachy and green shades that will make a lovely wrap of some sort. In lace. For me.

Good Stuff: I asked for (and got) a bunch of great new knitting books.

Bad Stuff: There aren't enough hours in the day, days in the week, weeks in the month. . .

Resolution: Tackle one new idea/project from each, starting with Modular Knitting, since I'm currently on a scarf roll.

Five scrappy scarves will be mailed to Cheyenne River today. Just saying. There'll be t-shirts and toothbrushes and other stuff in the box with them.

The scarves are for the current Scarf Challenge going on here . It gets awfully cold on the Northern Plains in the winter.

Good Stuff: I made lots of baby stuff.

Bad Stuff: I didn't get to see most, er, any, of it in use.

Resolution: Make some cute baby stuff for people I know, like the Teeny, Tiny Baby Socks.

That's leftover Koigu on the left and leftover Trekking on the right. Leftover quarter in the middle for scale.

Resolution: Make lots! Use up all the leftovers. Younger Son likes handknit socks. Younger son has big feet. Younger Son's socks take more than 2 balls of sock yarn, leaving lots of 2/3's balls of cool yarn for making baby socks.

Why didn't I think of this sooner?

Tomorrow: The 2005 yarn count.

I tried to look it up but can't find a satisfactory definition - so please, what is "steek".


To cut through your knitting :eek: to set in sleeves or to make a tube =
into a cardigan.

Here's a link:

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