Tuesday, November 15, 2005

You've Got Mail

I had yesterday to myself. I did not blog. I knit. And I answered the phone.

It seems that someone with a name similar to ours, who happened to live in the same (multi-unit) apartment building as The Kid during their mutual senior year of college, has had her mail forwarded here by mistake for, oh, 4+ years.

None of it was personal (except the one credit card that I returned to sender 1st class). It's all credit card offers (4-6 each week). Well, it would seem that the young woman has neglected to pay her bill since about July and got 3 (count 'em) dunning calls from 3 different banks!

Call me naive, but how on earth do you get a card, with this address and never get a bill at this address? Have I missed something? I understand the part about connecting an address with a phone number. It's called "reverse look-up." I use it all the time at work to match up the long distance bill with the person who made the call. But the address thing has me stumped. Are that many people paying their bills on-line these days?

Once I got off the phone, I had me some quality time with present projects and the shawl is now at 29". I think I'm losing ground, but it will definitely be finished in time for Christmas. Only 43" to go.

I need to start other projects: couple of cabled scarves, felted bag or so, some cat toys. I need to shop in my stash for some soft wooly stuff. Maybe the Patons Classic.

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