Tuesday, November 22, 2005

That Darn Cat

This evening, Sparky discovered the street vendor "pashmina" that the Other Half bought for me in New York. (No, I was not invited along on "Teacher Appreciation" trip to MOMA!) It was on the back of the futon, minding its own business.

First, there was the moment of polite contemplation.

Then, there was the sniff and taste.

Then, there were several "missed photo ops."

First the one in which she attacked the shawl with real gusto, kicking it "to death," followed immediately by the one in which she fell off the futon and onto the floor, bouncing only once.

She meant to do that! Really!

And now, I invite you to see what a difference color can make. Same pattern as before (okay, cast on 72 instead of 80), but the colors! Using hot pinque as the main color and throwing in navy, lavender, and apple green, it's a totally girly girl hat.

Maybe I'll make mittens to match!

Red Heart Supersaver yarn. Formerly available at Smiley's.


What a cool cat!
Oh, and the hat is great, too. ;)
don't know why i haven't visited before, but lurve it, lurve it, lurve it, as my friend susan says.
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