Monday, November 21, 2005

Talk Radio

I was on the radio this morning. (There are no pictures, stop looking.) It was nothing like Howard Stern. There were no half-naked wimmen (including me). The studio is the size of my bathroom There was an outspoken, problematic host*, but that was the only similarity. Talk radio. Gotta love it.

There were two calls (it's an "open mic" format). One had nothing to do with what we were discussing, which confirms my belief that most callers to talk radio are not listening to the program, they're just spouting off.

I spent an hour discussing the pressing need of the poor in our area. The host seemed shocked that we distribute 5 million pounds of food a year. To me that is such a small amount. Five million pounds divided by 50,000 people served each month. That's something like 8 pounds per person per month. Not even 3 days' meals! And the need is year-long, not just at the holidays.

Shameless plug: There are needy people right in your town. Support your local emergency pantry every single month with a donation of food, money, or your time. Or even all three! Thank you.

* The host is a local "character." I truly did not know what to expect! He has been an elected official in the past. He has his following. He has been known to attack perfectly wonderful people (mostly "L"s, granted, but I think I am the Queen of the Ls, or at least a serious contender).

I was pleasantly surprised to be 1) welcomed 2) not attacked 3) supported in my work. :whew:

But no one was listening except his mother.
Good job! When we had our anniversary party here at the office earlier this month, we asked for canned goods for the Food Bank here in Atlanta.

Proud to say we had about 200# of food to go. I love our clients.
I'm disappointed that there are no pictures.

I'm also disappointed that I can't find the lingerie bags I bought for doing laundry, but that's hardly your fault.

Is it?
I do not have your lingerie bags, but you are welcome to borrow mine.

Good going, Hockey Mom. Can you do it again in February?
I can certainly try. We will be having an open house (we just bought an office condo) after we move in at the end of January.

That's a great idea.
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