Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Pick-Up Artist

EZ promised I could do it! She said (in that very book): "Hold one colour in either hand. . .knit one colour in the way you are acustomed to knit, and the other colour in the way some other people knit." I like that description. I've tried to "pick" for the past couple of years because simply everyone has said that it's so much faster. BULL! When you've been throwing for 51 years, picking is not faster. Dammit! It slows you down.

But the two color throw-drop-pick-up-throw-drop-pick-up-throw-drop-pick-up-throw-drop-pick-up-throw-drop-pick-up-throw-drop-pick-up-throw-drop-pick-up-throw-drop sure was slowing me down, too, so I decided to give it one last shot. And there it was! It was happening! Caught on pixels for all to see! Me! Picking! Okay, so I'm still a little tight. . .

So, pickin' and throwin' and so on and on and look what started to develop right under my very own hands. Yep, another hat for the troops. I used my "basic", this time, casting on 84 stitches, because I know that the stranded stuff will pull in a little. And I skipped the ribbing and just let the cuff roll.

I used several of the graphed patterns in the Opinionated Knitter, one right after the other until I was at the height I wanted, then started the decreases at seven points this time. I'm keeping the integrity of the patterns and will have a warm "wooly" hat when I am done.

I used Bernat Ragg (discontinued, long-lamented) and Cervinia Sorrento. Both are 100% ack, which means that they are washable and dryable and can take a lot of abuse.
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