Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Nothing To Lose

And even less to write about!

Unless you count the UFO that surfaced this afternoon (a butter yellow scarf I started a couple months ago). The yarn is a wool/silk/cashmere blend. Yum.

I don't know how I missed this among all the other yummy stuff I have stowed away in my stash! I'm thinking that there isn't quite enough of the yarn for the original scarf (a test knit), so I'm thinking about maybe frogging that puppy and making it into something like these little scarf necklaces .

I am warning you, don't noodle around on that site or you might be tempted to pick up a pin or three (or 4 like I did--they're gifts, I swear!) Hide the card!

I think the amber one, top left will look good on this lovely stuff. Opinions? Yes, I already have the amber one, top left, why?

Yarn ho, pin ho. What's the difference? It's not like it's booze or drugs!

Then there's the sock yarn baby sweater:

First sleeve (it's knitted cuff to cuff) and the beginning of the body is done. I'm using little short (10") straight size 1s (because I can't find my circ 1s, dammitalltohell!) and the stitches just fit. It's a bear working with these teeny needles flat and straight. Worse would be long and straight, though.

Here's how it looks folded over (the way it will be worn). I'm not so sure about this yarn. I'm not getting anything but random splotches. Plugging along, though.

I'm starting to think that hat and socks (only) might have been a better idea.

This may well be on its way to the frog pond, too! Hmm, then I could try out my new Addi steel double points. Yeh, yeh, needle ho, too!

And here's the shawl/stole, about 5/8 of my yarn used up. It's 56" long. (I'm still shooting for at least 6'.)

So, it seems, I had a bit more to show and tell than I thought.

I can't write about work. There's nothing exciting or interesting to say. It has been so incredibly busy and exhausting that I can't think straight. I just want to weep, I am so tired.

I have a week of annual leave coming (in something like 9 days). I'm hoping that will give me a chance to regain my bearings and get me into the spirit of the season (Bah, Humbug!) and get some stuff finished.

That scarf yarn sounds scrumptious! Do you think there's an adult cuff-to-cuff pattern like the baby sweater? I love variegated yarn, but I don't do horzontal stripes...
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