Saturday, November 19, 2005

Never Say Goodbye

In anticipation of visitors this coming holiday weekend, I have started sorting through and clearing out the "guest room" (formerly Older Kid's bedroom, currently my room).

Because I took no picture in progress, you will have to believe me when I say it was a disaster! Think of the pictures you see after a car bombing. That will be close!

See this sweet empty corner? Prior to the sweep, there was a 3' (that's foot) pile of knitting-related paper in that corner. Now, nothing except my Pattern a Day calendars, my blood pressure montitor (can't spell the correct term) and my mouse puppet. The Other Half is taking bets on how long it stays this way.

Part of that pile was many many Internet pattern printouts that are now neatly organized into binders.
Left to right: "Wearable accessories," "Stuff that's not technically "wearable" (toys, afghans, seasonal decorative stuff), and "Sweaters, Shawls, and scarves."

I am hoping that this will prevent the multiplicity of printouts. I had about 6 different copies of several very popular (with me) patterns like Aunt Alm's Dorm Boots. (You'd think that as often as I've made them, I'd no longer need a pattern, and I don't, yet. . .)

I filled a "Lawn and Leaf" bag with extraneous paper.

And I have thrown in the towel on this pair of socks. I love the way the first one striped up. Then I couldn't duplicate it with the second one. I tried different size needles; I counted (and recounted) my cast on, thinking I had somehow screwed that up; I tried starting at the other end of the skein. Nothing worked.

I could live with similar I could not live with good lord, woman, were your eyes closed when you put your socks on?

I'm recycling the yarn into this . I have 3 skeins, so there should be enough to make the set. I think it's a much better use of this yarn.

I suspect that the other colorway (hunter/navy) will wind up the same way. We'll see. It's Elann Sock It To Me Colori, in case you are interested.

There was more but Blogger was being pissy about photos, so that will wait.
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