Monday, November 07, 2005

The Male Animal

The WIC Center at the reservation has requested "boy" colors (or neutral) instead of "girly" kinds of stuff because they can be worn by baby boys or baby girls. So, do ya think this is "boy" enough?

The main color is a sort of sage-y green. The contrast is hunter. Buttons are a sort of celery with a fleck of the sage. It'll fit to about 6 months. I have enough of the Pingofrance left in these two colors to make little booties to match and perhaps a hat, too.

Today was the Day-From-Hell that followed a sleepless night. I am ready to drop over, but knowing that my body typically wakes after 6 hours' sleep, I am forcing myself to stay awake. Time to watch the TiVo. West Wing anyone?

You're burning up the needles! 2 days and you've got a little sweater already done - way to go!
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