Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Deer Hunter

Well, I did it! I sewed on the buttons that may well be "temporary" until I can find the pewter ones that would be perfect, or these (shed antler slices) coulld well be the permanent buttons for this sweater. If it's cool tomorrow, I might just wear my new sweater to work! (Of course it will be cool at 6 a.m. I'm thinking "at noon" when I will have to venture out.

I believe I need to learn to be patient. Blogger was slow on the upload earlier, so I 'bout gave up on having pictures. But finally, it cooperated.

I especially like the way the natural shadings of the buttons look with the creamy Icelandic wool. They are asymmetrical (being cut from actual deer antlers) and no two are the same (being cut from actual deer antlers). The sweater really needs a good wash and block to get rid of the washboard in the yoke, but that may have to wait until I've worn it.

Sparky luvs this yarn. I may wind up using the leftovers to make her a new cat mat (or maybe even felt her a cat bed). I think if I combine what's left (little bit of white, full ball plus of the light blue, full ball of the navy) with something stashy, I'll have enough.

The audit is complete and we passed with flying colors. I believe the exact words were, "there are no issues on non-compliance." Don't you just love the glowing praise?? Actually, there are 3 "scores," "compliant," "non-compliant," and "shut down with the doors locked." So I guess we "done good."

The Zithromax is working its magic. I might actually live!

And now you are caught up on my life, such as it is.
That's beautiful!
I am in awe. It's absolutely gorgeous...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I hope your weekend is relaxing and you can rest and get even mo' better.
What a beautiful sweater! Love it!
Love the double negative! I'm writing a report today on an audit I conducted, I might steal those words.
Absolutely gorgeous! Don't think you'll need to change the buttons--I like the antlers a bit better than I imagine the pewter ones would look.
Awesome sweater.
I'm still working on the sock.
I've been doing hats in between.
I'm so excited. I mailed 6 (count 'em!) 6 hats to the Ships Project today!
Of course, except for the sock, hats have been my most ambitious project to date.
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