Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I am fighting my way through a drug-induced fog. Finally saw my doctor about this incredible on-going sinus headache and, yes, ineedie do, it really is a sinus infection, sports fans.

So now I am on day 2 of Zithromax! Feeling a bit better already.

And in 2.5 hours, "Chicago" arrives! We are due for our every-two-years inspection by the Big Guy. Who is new this year and hopefully knows the difference between "kudos" and "kadooze."

I figure he'll either be trying to be the good guy (unlikely) or trying to make his mark (very likely).

And what's that old sayingabout "the devil you know?"

I am on the absolute home stretch with the Lopi cardigan. Once I bind off the neck and sew on the buttons, I can block it. I would like to use steam rather than than wash and wait (It's big and heavy), but it's mostly off-white, so I think a wash may be needed. We shall see.
I hope the meds get you better real quick. And the visit from the Big Guy goes well.

Can't wait to see the finished cardigan.
Good to hear you're on the road to recovery. I've been concerned!
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