Friday, November 25, 2005

The Blue Angel

The new Daughter In Law was fondling the odd balls in my scrap bag and came up with the leftover LB Fun Fur (sapphire, why?) that remained from a project.

It's nasty stuff to work with, but I'll give her, it's soft. very soft. And actually a quite pretty color, that sapphire. Didn't have a whole lot left. The remains of 2 balls, probably one ball total. A scarf, perhaps. Or ear cozy.

So I grabbed my size 15 16" circs and cast on 40 stitches, double stranded. Did the join thing (It's very hard to tell if you've twisted the join with this stuff!) and proceeded to knit in the round until I ran completely out of furry. That got me about 6", so I switched to double strands of ack in navy (TLC if anyone cares), did another 3 or so inches, then decreased 8 EOR until I was down to 5 stitches, drew up, fastened off (Do you detect a theme?)

Here it is with the cuff down. I guess you could wear it this way, though it looks a bit strange.

And here it is with the cuff doubled. That's better!

By Jove, I think she likes it!


It might even shed the rain in Spain...! It is cute! And the DIL loves you!
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