Friday, November 18, 2005

American Dream

Am I allowed to say I'm embarrassed to be an American?

Case in point: Congress votes to cut funding for programs to help poor folks be more self-sufficient (food stamps, student loans, health care for little kids, for the sake of the FSM!).

I mean, we already have a senseless war, brought on by questionable information that is now shrouded in defenseless attacks on its critics (some of whom have actually fought in a battle or three). And it's costing us billions every month it goes on.

And we have a questionable education policy that purports to "leave no child behind." Um, huh.

And we have an effort to undercut the structure of the social welfare system as we know it, dismantling all the "safety nets" that civilized nations have in place to protect their most fragile citizens (yeh, I'm still talking about old people and little kids)!

Then, while we're at it, let's offset the spending cuts by cutting the tax "burden" of the very richest of our population.

LBJ is spinning in his grave! His War of Poverty has become a war on the poor!

The American Dream is an American nightmare!
Dude, our civil servants are being told they can have zero wage increases. Our gummint has cut children's programs, slashed welfare, cut all sorts of supports out from under everyone's feet. Healthcare workers took a 15% wage CUT last year.

Our politicians just voted themselves a 15-30% raise.

If I could afford to drink (but I can't because I took a wage cut and am now both broke AND working two jobs to feed my family) I would start right about now, even if it is nine in the morning.

Welcome to British Columbia.

My ID word is veyvxd. Looks like shorthand for "very vexed" to me.
I have what may be a stupid question....What does FSM stand for? I googled it and the most entertaining answer was "Flying Spaghetti Monster".
ding, ding, ding! we have a winner!

The Flying Spaghetti Monster has come of age. Even Clarence Paige (syndicated opinion write) referred to him recently.

May his noodley appendages touch you.

(And you respond: "Ramen!")
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