Saturday, November 05, 2005

Alive and Kicking

On the 5th day of my Z-pack and I will live! I feel so much better than I did on Tuesday when I started these meds! And day 5 means they are all gone, so I am officially cured.

Now I begin my search for the elusive flu shot! :sigh:

I haven't done a keep-me-honest-beginning-of-the-month WIP update and as luck would have it, except for the pick-up bits and pieces (caps and slippers, the odd mitten, afghan squares), I have only three serious projects on the needles at the moment:

1) a top down baby cardigan in some of that Pingofrance II (sport weight acrylic /wool blend)that I am trying to use up. This one is a sort of sage green that I swear looked like a light "country" blue in artificial light. Pattern here .

2) a lace shawl in a pale lavender Crystal Palace Kid Merino. I started this last night using Fiber Trends'Charlotte's Easy Lace Shawl, not to be mistaken with Charlotte's Web. This is the wrong pattern for this very yummy yarn. Back to the drawing board (and/or Gathering of Lace).

3) a use-the-damned-stuff-up baby blanket adapted from Knitter's No. 45 (Winter 1996), the Nordic to Aran issue. I am double-stranding ABM Fluffy (acrylic/Lincoln wool) in lemon and white. Yes, the balls really are that big (250 g./630 meters). I don't know what possessed me to buy this stuff in the first place. (Oh, come on, be serious! It was the price and the color!) The yellow is very yellow, but the white tones it down nicely. I have 5 balls of this stuff all together (2 white, 3 yellow) so I'll probably make a little sweater, cap and booties set to go with the blankie.

Today, I'll be putting some caps in the mail for Ship Support. All are made with basic "big box" acrylic yarns (in this case, Bernat Ragg and Cervinia Sorrento that came from Smiley's . ) They'll join the bedsocks from the tutorial I did last month (anyone else finish theirs??) and the star hat.

It's time to join the weekly battle at the grocery store. And the weekly battle with the bathroom crud and dust. I do so love the weekends.
Gotta love the Z-pack! It's worth all the extra yogurt I have to eat to get rid of those killer sinus infecitons.
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