Thursday, November 10, 2005

After Hours

We had guests today. First a committee meeting, followed by a visit from our newly-elected state representative, followed by a delegation from a M.O.M.s group (which I think means "mothers of multiples," but maybe not, I was afraid to ask) and their very small children (4 under 4 and not a twin among them). It was a zoo!

So I came home and finished these:

to go with the little sweater that I finished a couple of days ago.

And I am at about 12" on the shawl (of 56) after 4 evenings of serious knitting. There are no pictures of that. Nothing to see. Move along.

Tomorrow, I give blood!

Are you giving it voluntarily?

I'm just askin'.
I guess that depends.

I also got roped in to coordinating the United Way stuff.
Do you have "sucker" written across your forehead you doer of good?
Cookies. I'm in it for the Lorna Doones!
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