Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Above and Beyond

Rosemary is making these drop dead gorgeous shawl pins and selling them. You can see and order them here (click on the Cloisonne Collection, and then check out the first one. Yeh, that one!). Or you can squint really hard at this picture and sort of get the idea. Oh, hell, follow the link, then come back. We need to talk.

You may recognize the yarn in the photo. Or then again, perhaps you don't. It's the laceweight mohair blend I bought in April in Virginia Beach.

I swear on the FSM that I truly tried to work with this stuff single stranded. Really! I was making something gossamer enough to, you know, pull through a wedding ring. Hah! Hah! I say!

I should have known when the shop model was double-stranded! That should have been my first, second, and third clues! So, do you recognize the pattern? "Old Shale?" "Feather and Fan?" Call it whatever you want. It's that classic Shetland lace pattern. St. Serafina Knits (pattern available at Elann.com ) calls it Victoria Lace (pattern # s-5) and says (here's a giggle) "yours in a matter of hours even if you've just learned to knit." Well, folks, I've been knitting for 50+ years (yes, I really am that old! A this gauge, those hours will turn into weeks! Two solid nights (at least 4 hours' knitting--actually, closer to 6, but that sounds decadent!) into it and I have completed 8" of 54.

Dragging out the calculator, I see that I have another 12 days to go if I can keep up this pace (and not do a whole lot of--or any--other knitting). So, I guess I'm in this for the long haul.


And I caught the cat. Licking the sheets. While sitting on my pillow. Yecch!

And you just KNOW what the cat was licking, right before the sheets.

Yes the brooch is magnificent! Make sure you include it in the stash list if you start to feeling poorly, and all.
oh dear. that first pin on her website is just PERFECT to gow itht he shawl i'm going to make for my SIL for christmas. considering i was originally planning on spending over $100 on the yarn alone, this could be considered manageable. oh my.

thanks (yeah, right, more shopping temptation, just what i need)
LOL. At least the cat wasn't licking your face while sitting on your hair, right?

Love the shawl pin. Love the shawl, too. Simple and a very nice subtle color.
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