Saturday, October 22, 2005

Wet Parade

Busy morning and the parade (of errands) was wet in more ways than one as you shall soon see.

The Other Half's Jeep needed inspection and the Usual Place no longer accepts appointments. Both cats had appointments for shots and such with TED (The Evil Doctor who-sometimes-sticks-sticks-up-your-butt) at nine, so by prior arrangement, we planned to caravan to the inspection place (with both cats in my car), drop off the Jeep, swing by TED's, and come home to wait for the call to pick the Jeep back up. So far, so good.

But who could have expected that a glorious fall rain (what, again?) would lull the Other Half into the kind of deep sleep that made us nearly miss both errands?

Dropped the Jeep and got to TED with about 2 minutes to spare.

What's this? Sparky the Round has lost an entire pound! Good job, Sparky! That's 6 1/2% of her body weight. (Did I mention that the cat is quite round? You've seen the pictures!) Wish I could lose 6%!

But oh, no! Penny has also lost an entire pound too, which for her, is more like 17% of her body weight. (She's just a tiny thing, you see. Oh, yes, you saw!) This is a not-good-thing! I, being witty, suggested that calibrating the scale might be in order. Note: I did not offer to test out the scale's accuracy by climbing on.

So, after a bit of poking and prodding (TED is now involved), it is determined that Penny will not get a shot, but rather, several blood tests to determine what-is-going-on. Oh, my.

Sparky's turn. More poking, especially in the belly region where there-is-no-hair, but nothing else that would indicate anything other than behavioral over-grooming, which is both good news and bad. TED was encouraging, telling us that the Pill-that-keeps her-from-peeing-on-everything is working (yes, it is, and I'm hoping that typing this doesn't jinx it!) and that her bare belly doesn't look irrritated and it's definitely not infected and the hair on her back legs will grow back eventually, maybe. . . In other words, let's not rock the boat because we just replaced the rug and the Other Half's reading chair.

So, okay. I guess.

Bundled the girls back into the car for the trip home. We made the last turn before the one onto our very own street, what, a mile (less than 5 minutes) away. The Other Half (who is holding, I am driving) suddenly says, "What the. . ." because Sparky (who has been Very Good and Tolerant and did not even dribble a little on TED through all the poking, as she has been known to do) had peed a lot on his lap. How very embarrassing for her. (Fortunately, I keep a supply of Nature's Miracle on hand!) Accidents happen. And nobody reminded her to "go" before we left the house, now, did they?

If you enjoy reading about cats with the Upper Hand, Sparky directs your attention to her cyber-friend Tigger's most recent escapade.

And now for a little knitting content. I took a graphic from a baby sweater and added it to a hat.

It's just my basic "cast on 80, rib until your eyes cross, switch to stockinette" beanie pattern. I used a combination of acrylics (I think Red Heart TLC and Cervinia Sorrento).

It's for Ship Support.

And the second sock (first sock in the photo to prove I'm not cheating) is well underway. It also is slated to be mailed to Ship Support.

Baby sweater for the reservation, in some Pingouin Pingofrance II (acrylic and wool sport weight) that I scored in a swap a few years ago. You can see the whole score if you check the archives (3/16/05). I have about 3400 yards of the stuff in wonderful shades of blues and greens.
I immediately thought "baby clothes" and cast on this little sweater ( pattern here ) , knowing full well that I didn't have enough of either of the teals to make it all one color.

The jury's still out on the 2-tone effect.

And the rain continues.

I like the two-tone baby top.
I love the hat with the stars.
Thanks. It's almost finished (last sleeve is 1/2 done) and I think it's growing on me.
I love the star hat! And Tigger says "prrp" to Sparky.
Just found your blog through KnitTalk. Love the two tone sweater (looked to me like you designed the stripes on purpose). The hat and socks are great, too. Hope your kitties will be okay.
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