Monday, October 24, 2005

The Pickle

Talk about a UFO (UnFinished Object) of long standing!

Back in the Last Century (1995 or so, to be exact) a group of quilting friends on the old *P (Prodigy Internet) boards read an excerpt from
this book in one of the current "womyn's" magazines. Being the intrepid group they were (bein' on the Internet and all, way back then. . .) they picked up on the theme and decided to form their own club--long distance.

A leader was appointed. Money was collected to purchase the paisley fabrics that would form the base of what we were all sure would be drop-dead gorgeous friendship quilts.

I don't think I was alone in expecting that my Persian Pickle squares would eventually grow abundant enough to cover my king-size bed. So confident in fact, was I, that I bought the batting and very, very wide backing fabric, and several yards of white-on-white paisley cotton to use as sahing.

Every month, we made 5 (I think) squares and swapped with 4 other people, keeping one square for our own quilt.

One month (as you can see), the theme was stars. Still others, it was "hearts"(I believe that was February) or "baskets (must have been Easter).

Our fearless leader bought enough of her chosen fabric so that we each had a piece about 9" X 1/2 the width of the goods ("fat quarter"?) and mailed it to us along with the required theme. It was up to us to match fabrics from our stashes (or go get more--such torture), find a pattern for suitable block, and get it made up in quintuplicate in time for the deadline.

Some months it was easy, others were harder. We experimented with paper-piecing and crazy-quilting and applique and (I think) stretched our skills. (I know that I sure did! Those hearts were a bear!) We even had a new baby born during the time (just like in the story) and I organized a baby quilt on top of the blocks we were already creating.

Sadly, the group disintegrated (as many swap groups do) over time and I wound up with a total of 25 lovely 9.5" blocks, far less than I needed to make a quilt top, but enough to make a lovely crib quilt.

So, today, while I was having my self-imposed 3-day weekend, I stitched them all together, adding batting and backing and Voila! A baby quilt is born! As much as I love it and loved the folks that helped me make it, it will be wending its way to the reservation along with

the 2-tone baby sweater which I finished last night, buttons and all.

For a day that was supposed to be restful, this one was not. I have acquired some sort of crud that is laying me low, low, low.

I will not describe the state of my Puffs after I blow. Just too nasty. If Dayquil and Nyquil don't fix me up, I'll be checking in with my physician.

For now, I think I'll go make dinner, snuggle under a blanket on the sofa, and watch what's on TiVo. Will Susan get back together with her plumber? Will Meredith get back together with her doctor? Will Claire and the musician hook up? And what the heck will happen to Dr. Kovatch now that Sam doesn't want to have his baby?
I love the baby sweater and the colors are beautiful. You are a top notch knitter. It all looks so neat and organized and not all stretched out as it does when I attempt it. In fact, mine is so pitiful that I've given it up completely.

I crochet much better but to an expert it is also pitiful. Pulled out of shape, on a slight slant as I don't hold the hook correctly and am too old to change. I'm exptemely slow, have to look at the directions all the time and my fingertips crack and bleed if I keep it up at a reasonable pace so it takes an eternity to finish anything.

More than you wanted to know.

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I'm fighting a rotten sinus infection and am on prednisone, and a powerful antibiotic, etc.
Beautiful work there Ann! The kids at the Reservation are going to love that quilt.

I've been working little bits and pieces of those little crocheted jackets that I found in the bag of yarn. Tiny crochet needles = crazy me! But hopefully, they will be on their way soon.

That baby sweater is precious! Where did you get that pattern from?
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