Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Next Best Thing

After I finished sock 1, I immediately cast on sock 2.

No, that's a bald-faced lie! I finished the yoke of my Lopi. (See picture) Blocking will do it a world of good, but first I must knit up the dreaded sewn on front bands. And the neck band. And graft the underarm. And sew on the buttons.

Then I can block it. And wear it. Before it turns too cold to use it as outerwear and the indoor temperatures become too stiffling to wear it as an inside sweater (which it was never intended to be).

And then I cast on the second sock. And knitted about an inch on the cuff.

I'll be in an all-morning seminar on "workplace safety." (No, I am not being punished!) I will tuck my sock in my felted Sophie and if there's a break, I'll knit a bit more. Or not.


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