Thursday, October 06, 2005

A New Kind of Love

A properly aged kit in a properly aged stash. Time to break it out.

The "kit" was a gift from the Older Kid and the now New Daughter-in-Law from a trip they took to Iceland not quite 2 years ago. It's lovely Alafoss Lopi (the real stuff) in natural (main color), navy and light denim. They brought back Lopi #12, too, the one with all the classic designs.

For over a year, I aged the kit to perfection. Then I began mulling over the designs. I knew that the kit wanted to be a cardigan. But which one? Number 8 is a clasic jacket style with the little pewter clasps instead of buttons, but it really calls for a more subtle colorway than the high contrast one I have.

So #2 it is. Withthe deep, spikey yoke pattern (see little picture above) with natural in place of black, and Navy where the pattern calls for white. Cozy sweater with dress or casual wear. A jacket for spring and summer days.

Finally knitting up this kit will make no dent in the stash countdown :( . The two (only) sweater kits that I own aren't listed on my spreadsheet. But the yarn in this kit (1635 yards) is just a little less than a mile.

Progress photos will follow.

And as for my personal life, I no longer have one.


I can't wait to see the in-progress on that. It's going to be beautiful. You have a wonderful son!

Where did your personal life go? Are you working too much?
I am working way much!
I gave my personal life up for Lent.
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